Socio-Scientific Approaches to Religious Enmity EOI: Workshop Stream, Asia-Pacific Travel Bursaries, and Conference Format

The Figuring the Enemy research project is conducting a conference in Socio-Scientific Approaches to Religious Enmity from the 13-15th of June at Trinity College in Melbourne, Australia. This conference will bring together specialists in the social sciences and those studying biblical studies, theology, and religion. Given the high degree of difference between these normally disparate disciplines we are introducing a workshop stream for papers and ideas that scholars and students wish to explore, but may not have the interdisciplinary background to fully develop. It is intended that this stream will allow for wider ranging discussions of topics that can be in earlier stages of development or require methodological expansion.

Expressions of interest for the workshop stream are encouraged to contact and close on the 31st of March 2022.

Additionally there are some limited travel bursaries available for Australian and Asia-Pacfiic attendees to enable them to come to Melbourne for the conference. If you wish to apply for one of these please contact the above email.

Finally, due to ongoing uncertainty around borders and vaccination requirements, we have made the decision to hybridise the conference. If the distances to Australia or uncertainty with travel were impeding participation then please get in contact and we can talk through the hybrid options.

CFP: Figuring the Enemy 1-Day Workshop (2nd Dec 2021)

The Figuring the Enemy project is investigating the means and mechanisms behind the construction and maintenance of social groups as enemies and the enactment of enmity within the structures. It is engaging with this research through both socio-cognitive psychological and a political-theological approaches with the aim for productive cross-pollination.

As an initial engagement the project will be holding a 1-day workshop at Trinity College in Melbourne on the 2nd of December 2021. Given the uncertainty inherent within the pandemic, and engagement with international partners, we will be holding this as a hybrid event. However, it is hoped that at least some scholars will be able to gather in person.

For this workshop we are seeking 150-word exploratory briefs to stimulate discussion and research ahead of a multi-day conference in mid-2022. Submissions should detail the research question and approach within the project scope, but do not need to reach any conclusions.

Submissions to close on the 5th of November 2021