Figuring the Enemy 1-Day Workshop (December 2nd 9am AEDT)

The Figuring the Enemy project will be hosting its first 1-Day workshop on the 2nd of December at Trinity College and hybrid via Zoom. The workshop series will function as exploratory exercises to stimulate thinking and collaboration.

This first workshop will be setting things up broadly for the project, and integrated between the social-psychological and political-theological streams. We will be hearing short précis from each of our presenters about their own area of work, and have allocated reasonable amounts of time for discussion and engagement.

We would love for scholars to come and join us for the first of the workshops, and you can register below. We have attempted to make the timezone somewhat workable (22:00 GMT//17:00 EST//14:00 PT) so we hope you can join us.

Workshop explorations include:

• Christopher Porter – “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer” Social identity and religious enmity.
• Elizabeth Shively – Jesus and the Syrophoenician woman in Mark 7.
• Ken Mavor – Social Identity and Fundamentalism
• Brian Tucker – “Interrogate the Theory”: The (Un)usefulness of Social Identity Theory for Uncovering Paul’s Opponents
• John Dunne – “‘They Do Not Keep The Law’ (Galatians 6.13): Forceful Circumcision and the Fruit of the Spirit”
• Adam White – Staging Incest and Identifying the Enemy: Reading 1 Cor 5 in Light of the Black Sheep Effect and Ancient Theatre
• Lachlan Davis – Is the effectiveness of the reconciliation between Joseph and his brothers in Gen 50:15-21 subverted by redactions that dealt with enmity between social groups in Persian period Israel?
• Amy Isham – Discarding the “Other”: Social ostracism in small communities
• Emily McAvan – The Jew, the Queer: Histories of (non)conversion
• Scott Kirkland – On the Possibility of a Genealogy of the Enemy

Please register here to join us:

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